For blog's sake...

Today, I'm filming new promotional material with the sensational Adam Hall-Osman, of Deadhouse Productions. The guy has got some mad skills. If anyone can make me look cool, it's him.

Excitingly... this will be filmed and recorded totally live. It's nice for the client to see exactly what the act will sound/look like on the day of their event, which is why both of my promo videos (the existing one and this new one) on my website are live audio.

I don't mind the footage being edited and cut etc. It's nice to have a few different angles in there. But I do feel, as a singer, the client deserves to hear if you can sing well in one take. As you don't get a second take when you're singing their first dance, right!?

So hopefully it'll come out really good, you'll watch it and maybe one day I'll come and perform at your Essex wedding/party/work do.

A x

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