What would be the first song you want your newborn child to hear?

My first child is due to arrive this weekend. It's a very exciting time for my wife and I.

As a professional singer, it's fair to say that music has been a dominant influence in my life. It has shaped me as a person and a professional. But what should I choose to play to my baby first?

Should it be the smooth vocal tones of James Taylor? The soulfulness of Stevie Wonder? The Beatles probably had the biggest influence on my childhood, so I could choose one of theirs? I'm a huge John Mayer fan too. He was probably the biggest influence in my teenage years. Also, I LOVE Acapella. Choral and Acapella music has probably been the biggest influence in my adult life. But I'm a songwriter! I could play him one of mine as his first song? Maybe the song I wrote about his mum? (below)

I don't know what to choose!

I guess it doesn't really matter - it's not like he'll remember when he's 18. It's more for me, I suppose.

But what would you choose? Or... what DID you choose? Was it a big deal to you? Let me know, but don't take too long. He could here at any time.

A x

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