Planning a party? Here's how you can make it AMAZING!

Whatever it is you're hosting, be it a wedding, birthday party, retirement do etc, you want your family and friends to have a great time! Not many things feel better than getting messages from your friends and family the next day saying something like "I had SUCH a great time last night! Thanks for organising".

You've got your standard options like... a DJ, some food, some booze and some disco lights. These will certainly help your guests relax and have some fun.

But what could you do to make your party EXTRAORDINARY? Being a professional singer, I've seen hundred of venues around Essex, Kent, London and the rest of the UK. I've seen some incredible acts, amazing entertainers and some awesome features to make weddings, parties and corporate events spectacular.

Scottish Piper

I've come across a few pipers on my travels. They're great for New Years' Eve as the clock strikes twelve blaring out Auld Lang Syne. I've also seen a piper lead a Bride and Groom with all their wedding guests from the front of their wedding venue and march them into their wedding breakfast. There's just something SO epic about having a piper at your event! It's rare, it's special and it's memorable, so it's definitely something to consider.

Photo Booth

Photo Booths are great fun! They're not too expensive and everyone can have a few silly pictures done. They're a great way to entertain guests before the booze has kicked in and they all want to hit the dance floor.

Selfie Mirror

This is a brand new trend sweeping across the UK. Similar to a photo booth, but a selfie mirror. It's fairly self-explainitory. But here's a picture, it looks like SO much fun!

Live Musician(s)

Either having a great band/duo/soloist is a key element of the entertainment. Of course, I WOULD say that, wouldn't I? The good news is that this doesn't have to be too expensive. You can get a good soloist from £300. If you've got a slightly bigger budget, you could get a local duo for £500/£600. If you want to go all-out, you can get an incredible band for £1200-£1500. This is definitely the most important suggestion for your event though...honest! Although I may be a little bias.


You can hire magicians to entertain your guests before the dance floor goes crazy. I've seen some incredible talent at weddings, including a deck of cards on the ceiling and a magician who appeared to burn an illusion into his skin before it vanished. Magic is timeless and it's enjoyable for adults, as well as children.

Ice Cream Stand

I came across this at a gig recently. It wasn't very good for my waistline, but it was gooooooooood for everything else. It was like I was in Italy. Lovely weather, nice people and an ice cream cart! Definitely a winner, if you ask me.

Fish and Chip Van

This was also a win-win situation for me and a lose-lose situation for my waistline and cholesterol. Everyone loves hitting the kebab van/fast food van after a night out. Well, having one, like the fish and chips van at your party is also pretty awesome! It's cool, delicious and satisfying.


Okay... I seem to be going on about food a little too much now. But you can have people arrive at your party and cook Paella for everyone on a MASSIVE frying pan the size of large satellite dish. It smells and tastes awesome and the guests always enjoy it!

Penny Sweets Stall

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Always goes down a treat!


There are some amazing choirs out there, but THESE guys are something else! Absolutely amazing talent, look amazing, sound amazing... they're great fun and incredible to watch! Great for wedding ceremonies or corporate entertainment. They even do flashmobs too! They did this at MY wedding ceremony and it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I just stood there clinging on to my new wife, trying really hard to look manly and not cry. Check them out at

Singing Waiters

This is really cool entertainment. So... professional singers are hidden amongst the waiters at your event, serving drinks and mingling around. Out of the blue... BOOM... they start their performance and get all of the guests involved. It's AMAZING fun and a complete surprise for the guests.


Similar to the magician, this is great entertainment for the earlier parts of the evening. Great fun, lovely keep-sakes and fascinating for the guests with their incredible talent! I wish I could draw like that, to be honest!

Bespoke Songwriting

So here is something brand new and very unique. There's a company that offers a bespoke songwriting service. They mainly write First Dance songs, but they're tailored to the couple, featuring elements of their personal history and relationship. The songs are very cute (not cheesy at all!), funny and professionally written and recorded. Check them out at

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the read and it's given you some ideas for your upcoming event. Hopefully, I'll be able to come and sing for you! I've taken two bookings this week and I'm getting enquiries on a daily basis. I feel next year could be my busiest!

A x